1. What file formats can I upload to draftest? What’s the maximum permitted file size?

You can add GIF, JPG and PNG files, up to 2MB each.

2. How many projects can I add to draftest?

There's no limit! You can add as many projects as you want!

3. Which kinds of graphic work can I test with Draftest?

All kinds! Besides draftest websites and logotypes, we’ve prepared a third, flexible option
where you can specify your own criteria for evaluating projects.

4. I lost my links to draftest, how do I retrieve them?

Use the draftest link recovery form.
Just enter your e-mail address in order to regain access to all previously created draftests.

5. I haven’t received an email with a link. What do I do?

Go to the folder marked "spam". The email may have ended up there. If you still can’t find it, please contact us. We’ll help you out.

6. How do I check the assessments of people to whom I sent a draftest?

In the email that was sent to you after you created your draftest there’s a link to project management.
Click on it to see the ratings and comments of people who have tried out your draftest.

7. How many people can I send a draftest to?

There’s no limit!

8. How do I edit an already created draftest?

You can edit your draftest by clicking on the link in the email which was sent to you after you first created your draftest (see section 5).